Common Code works with you to design and build your digital products locally.

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We’ve helped organisations of all sizes solve problems in ecommerce, healthtech, fintech, and more.

Bespoke Web Development

We partner with you to build your bespoke web application and provide you with a cross-functional team to deliver anything your business needs. With Common Code, you gain an agile team that knows how to work well together, are experts in their fields, and run great processes that mitigate risk.

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Development Teams

We provide development teams, either wholly off-site, or co-located to increase your in-house team’s capacity and capability. Our team will help you act, respond and build things to achieve your business objectives and reduce technical debt.

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Product Design

We have full capability in-house to develop a digital product from idea to execution. Our designers workshop with you what minimum viable product needs to look like to gather customer traction. Then we move into the execution phase.

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Some clients we've quietly worked with over the years

We provided a blended team to power their bespoke ecommerce platform that needed to scale globally on Python/Django.
6-10 Common Coders assimilated to the in-house team to deliver the bespoke ecommerce platform using Python/Django.
We provided them visual and UX design, infrastructure support, and built the bespoke web application using Python/Django and React.js.
We provided a blended team to provide product design, UX design, and customer backend with Python/Django integrated with Meteor frontend.

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It’s never too early to have a chat or get a boost from an early-stage workshop. We’d love to hear your story.

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