What we do

We're a group of highly skilled web developers, designers, team leaders and business strategists. We help define your challenges and solve your problems. Think of us as your ready-to-go-team for software product development.

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We are your development team

Hiring freelancers can appear cheap, but tends to lead to projects falling off course and costs blowing out.

When you hire a Common Code team, you are adopting a ready to go unit that works together well, has aligned values and runs great processes.

Software team management

We've got many years of experience assembling and managing software teams the right way. Let us focus on building your software product while you focus on your business and finding out what your market needs and wants.

Top software talent recruitment

Whether you're looking to hire your first technical role or add to your in-house team, finding and attracting top talent can be tough. Common Code teams are experts in their fields. We provide you with a cross-functional team that runs Scrum and provides technical leadership, so you can be sure the right technical decisions are made. If you have an in-house team, we can blend your team with ours to augment them with the option of co-locating.

We are your Chief Technology Officer

Don't fret! We can enable non-technical founders to build software. We step in and act as your Chief Technology Officer. With our strong tech leadership, we coach you to understand the process and equip you with the toolsets to work with your development team.

Scale your product

We can work with you to grow your product from one user to millions of users. We ensure you stay online during usage spikes and work with you to tackle hosting in an economical way.

Our favorite tools of our trade

  • Python and Django or .NET for server side code
  • Node and Meteor for server/client side code
  • React and Angular for client side code
  • PostgreSQL for databases as well as other popular NoSQL datastores
  • Ansible for DevOps

We build and use our own tools for testing (django-ghostly) and package security (piprot) and have provided valuable contributions to Django, with django-nap, django-ddp and django-jellyglass.

In Common

In Common is our Startup Advisory branded service line. Building on the engineering capabilities of Common Code we've created In Common to meet the Startup, Entrepreneurial and Innovation needs of Melbourne.


Unicorn is our Team Building, Jobs and Recruiting branded service line. Bringing our experience to your team and helping you find the talent you need or the best startups to work for.

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We can work with you to solve your problems. Think of us as your technology partner.

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