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MelbDjango 4.8

Join us in our monthly MelbDjango meetup to discuss everything related to Django. The meetup is suited to both beginners and experts alike.

We're still taking talk requests via our Slack channel. To join Slack go to

Candidate subjects:
• Beginner questions answered
• Something you've built or are working on
• Deep dive into Django — perhaps someone has an advanced talk or discussion?


NodeGirls - Letter To Santa Beginners Workshop

A free programming workshop for women, non-binary and trans folk to learn and out some basics of javascript to work. Come join us in a sweet, safe environment to learn some new skills, meet other like-minded people, and have the opportunity to ask all your burning coding questions to the mentors.

Applications are now open so apply today! Spots are limited.


DjangoGirls Melbourne Workshop

Free, full-day coding workshop geared towards women. Build your first website at DjangoGirls workshop in Melbourne! We'll teach you everything you need to know so come prepared with a learning mindset. We believe the tech industry will greatly benefit from bringing more women into technology. We want to offer you the opportunity to learn the basics of programming in a safe environment. Who knows, maybe you'll even end up transitioning careers!

Apply at the link below.


Digital Designers Toolbox

Join us for our re-launch of Digital Designers Toolbox after a bit of a hiatus. We're back and ready to present some incredible speakers to ignite your imagination and change the way you solve problems. Come hear the talented speakers (Melanie Huang & Ben Ralph) and share in some food and drink on the night.

More details when you RSVP


Node Melbourne - November meetup

📣 Node News
🤖 Node 8.5+
🔥 Hot reloading

Node News w/ Ehsan Gazar

Node 8.5+, ECMAScript Modules and file copy with fs w/ Khang Lu

Hot reloading on server w/ Andrey Sidorov

HTTP2: What is it all about? w/ Manu Gill


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