Who we are

Our Melbourne based team is comprised of 30+ developers and designers to help you craft your digital product.

Drawing of DNA strand with happy faces at bond points

Purpose And Values

We exist to work with businesses and founders that want to use technology as a vehicle for changing the world for the better. Our aim is to develop the right product at the right time with the right impact.

We seek aligned values with anyone that we work with:
Transparency - Inclusivity - Integrity - Communication - Family - Community

Our Process

Common Code creates digital products in a holistic method: define, design and develop. We are proponents of Agile, Scrum, Lean and Design Thinking processes that we use to suit your needs and solve your toughest problems. Our engagement model encompasses these methods.

Our engagement models drive down the cost of development, cutting margins in favour of iterative billing, and wholly support the process of pivoting and changing direction towards customer need and business circumstances.

As our client, you are in the driver's seat with clear and frequent reporting that allows you to control the strategy of your investment, viewing the current team velocity and understanding the size, priority and strategic ordering of the work ahead.

How We Work Together

We seek to eliminate waste in every activity. We ensure we are solving the right problem for the right purpose and people, with insight driven decision making based on testing, research and data.

Define: Through a series of strategic workshops, we start to unpack your business model and identify the riskiest assumptions to test first. We help you validate who your customers are and what their biggest problems are.

Design: We use the insights from the define stage to formulate experiments and prototypes that you can test with your customers. We collect data and build an appropriate validation and proof of concept so you're confident to commit resources to the rights things.

Develop: We set up project scope for an efficient build process, organise and work in time based sprints, and agree with you on review and measurement processes.

Our strategic advantage is realised by a highly diligent delivery team that gives you the control needed to react to changing market conditions and the changing mindsets of your customers.

Want to join the team?

We are always taking on new challenges and looking for the right people to tackle them.